Kansas City Northland Youth Cheerleading Camp at Park Hill High School in Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City Northland Youth Cheer Camp held at Winnetonka High School

Northland Training Facility offering Speed and Agility for athletes throughout Kansas City Missouri via KC Sports Training

Youth Speed Classes & Agility Training in Kansas City Missouri

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The Nothland Youth Cheerleading Camp is a 501c3 Youth Organization and all donations are tax-deductible.  We welcome sponsors to help assist with our challenge of providing youth in the Kansas City Area with the best opportunity to learn the sport of cheerleading.  Aside from monetary donations we also accept merchandise as well. We acknowledge our camp sponsors on t-shirts and here on our website.  The Northland Youth Cheerleading Camp has cheerleaders from all over the Kansas City Area so if you want your product or merchandise to be seen by close to 500 youth parents each night at the camp or have your logo put on one of our camp t-shirts, please contact the Northland Youth Cheerleading Camp office today to discuss funding and sponsorship opportunities.


North Kansas City School District - http://www.nkcschools.org

North Kansas City School District - www.nkcschools.org
Camp Sponsor since 2014
The North Kansas City School District allowed the Northland Youth Football Camp to move to Winnetonka High School in 2014 and has been a huge supporter of the success of the camp.  



Dick's Sporting Goods - http://www.dickssportinggoods.com

Dick's Sporting Goods - www.dickssportinggoods.com
Camp Sponsor since 2010
Dick's Sporting Goods has been a sponsor of the Northland Cheerleading Camp since 2011 and all campers are eligible to attend the Northland Cheerleading Camp's Dick's Savings Day the Saturday after the camp in July.



Toose Technologies - www.toose.com

Toose Technologies, L.L.C. - www.toose.com
Camp Sponsor since 2002
Toose Technologies, L.L.C. provides the official Northland Youth Cheerleading Camp website at www.northlandfootballcamp.com and provides web hosting and design for the site.