Kansas City Northland Youth Cheerleading Camp at Park Hill High School in Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City Northland Youth Cheer Camp held at Winnetonka High School

Northland Training Facility offering Speed and Agility for athletes throughout Kansas City Missouri via KC Sports Training

Youth Speed Classes & Agility Training in Kansas City Missouri

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Camp Instructors & Staff

The quality of the coaching staff assembled by the Northland Youth Cheerleading Camp is what makes this camp a steal for any cheerleader. Our staff assembles some of the most qualified youth coaches who are experienced with teaching the fundamentals of the sport to cheerleaders in the younger grades because they are youth coaches themselves. Aside from youth coaches, the camp staff also brings in experienced High School coaches to assist with drills and to more importantly give feedback and talk to the campers and parents about cheerleadingl and how important it is to learn the fundamentals correctly before advancing to high school.

You also get the opportunity to learn from former college athletes who are now coaches that teach and run their own youth programs. Why is that important? If you have ever gone to a high school or college cheer camp then you are learning from instructors who are use to teaching older cheerleaders. This is not the case with this camp. Camp Instructors are youth coaches with coaching techniques that are used on the youth level. These techniques are then used to help youth level athletes make the transition to High School more smoothly.

Plus, ask most coaches today why a cheerleader does not make their high school cheer squad and the answer will be that the cheerleader lacks the fundamentals. Well, that is what this camp is for, basic fundamentals and ONE-ON-ONE coaching gives cheerleaders a chance to improve on skills they are lacking in.